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Poor oral hygiene bolsters the pervasive bacteria in your mouth to form a cavity on otherwise healthy tooth enamel. When this happens, the tooth needs early diagnosis, treatment, and repair to prevent even more serious complications. If it’s small enough, Drs. Falco and Vonnahme might be able to repair it with an amalgam or composite dental filling.

Your dentists will start with a thorough examination of the tooth in question to determine the extent of the decay. Then, they will numb the area before using a drill to remove any areas of decayed enamel. This leaves behind a clean, healthy surface to anchor the filling.

The material the dentists recommend for the filling is primarily based on the tooth’s location and its prevalence in your smile. Amalgam and composite materials can be directly applied to the cavity in a single appointment.

Amalgam is made from a blend of dental-grade metals. These fillings are dark in color, so they’re not ideal for repairing a cavity that’s visible in your smile. For these types of cavities, your dentists will often turn to composite fillings. This is a special dental-grade resinous plastic that can be shaded to perfectly match the tooth enamel of your smile.

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