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With age, comes many changes to your dental health, one of which is an increased likelihood of cavities. As the years pass, your smile undergoes many adverse changes, such as:

  • Tooth enamel weakens, leaving the teeth vulnerable to bacteria and acid. Without the protective tooth enamel, the tooth itself is more likely to experience decay and infection.
  • Tooth nerves shrink and reduce the teeth’s sensitivity to cavities, making it difficult for your smile to register common cavity symptoms, such as pain and swelling. Cavities can grow and spread to large proportions before you notice something is wrong.
  • Gum tissue is more likely to recede as a result of gum disease or aggressive brushing, leaving the tooth roots exposed to bacteria. This can lead to not only more extensive, but more aggressive tooth decay.

For these reasons, it’s more important than ever to continue to visit the dentist regularly for dental exams and cleanings. Our highly trained and experienced dental team can detect areas of tooth decay that have not yet triggered any symptoms in your smile. We can also identify troubled areas that need extra care to prevent the development of a cavity. With the help of advanced dental technology and dental expertise, we can protect and strengthen your smile against the effects of age.

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