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Just like when you’re sick with something that feels like a cold, but might be something worse, we tend to wait to see a dentist until we’re sure a problem tooth isn’t just a temporary toothache, but something much more serious.

But just like other medical problems, you’re better off to see the dentist as soon as you realize that something is wrong with your teeth. Whether it’s a minor toothache or something more serious, the sooner you come in, the better off your oral health will be.

When is it serious?
A common question that a dentist will field is when to know if a problem tooth is actually a problem. These things will vary from person to person, but a good rule of thumb is that it’s a problem the moment you feel pain. If Dr. Joseph N. Falco doesn’t notice it during your usual check up, then it means it’s likely a quick-onset issue.

What do I do?
A pervasive toothache isn’t something to get too concerned about. Chances are, it’s just a toothache. However, you’ll want to call the team here at Pennyrile Family Dentistry in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, as soon as possible. If you can get in here to see us quickly, you’ll have an easier treatment. And there’s a much smaller risk of other problems developing as well.

These are problems that are easily prevented, and we want to help you do so. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 270-632-6404.