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Root canal treatment is a beneficial restorative dental procedure that restores the health and function of a tooth that is severely decayed, damaged or injured. This treatment is oftentimes needed when a dental filling, dental crown or other dental restoration is not viable. If you think you can benefit from a root canal treatment, then it’s best to call our office and schedule an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Joseph Falco and Dr. Ryan Vonnahme. To help you know more about this treatment before your appointment, our dentists are happy to share the following root canal facts:

-Root canal treatment is the process of removing the harmed internal structures of the tooth, like the tooth nerve and tooth pulp. After doing so, your dentist will fill the tooth with a special dental material called gutta percha. To complete the treatment, we will support the tooth with a dental restoration, like a dental crown or dental filling.

-Root canal treatment does not usually cause pain, no matter what you might believe. This is because your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the mouth before treatment.

-Root canal treatment might cause some tooth sensitivity following treatment, but that is normal. It should go away within three to five days. Your dentist might prescribe some medication to help you.

-Root canal treatment can help you by restoring the health and function of the tooth. It can help you efficiently chew, have a natural tooth appearance, protect the surrounding teeth, have a normal and natural biting force, and have a normal sensation within the tooth.

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