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If you want to help your child enjoy their upcoming trip to the dentist’s office more, try using some of the following tips before, during, and after their appointment.


Helping your child get a full night’s sleep — and a nap if the appointment is later in the day — is one of the best ways to prep them for good behavior before their dental visit. You can also consider bringing along their favorite comfort items and toys. A nearby comfort item can help your child realize that dentist’s appointments can be comfortable.

Feeding your child a small snack like grapes or apples will also help them behave at the dentist’s office; even a small snack can go a long way. If your child hasn’t visited the dentist before, or if they aren’t quite sure why dental visits are important, explain to them why and how dentists keep our teeth and gums healthy. Recognizing the purpose of dental appointments can help your child relieve stress that might lead to rowdy behavior.


A great way to distract your child in the waiting room is to provide them with a toy or book to focus on. A toy, a video game, or even homework can keep them distracted while they wait for their appointment to begin. Remain calm and close to your child while you’re at the office. If your child is feeling fidgety, try walking around together during your wait.


After your child’s dental appointment, immediately praise them for their good behavior. Acknowledgement can be a wonderful motivator for kids, so if your child shows good behavior, then acknowledge it after their visit! And don’t forget to remind your child about proper behavior habits before additional appointments!

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