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If you have a tooth that is knocked out during sports or has been severely damaged or decayed, our dentist may recommend extracting the tooth and replacing it with a dental bridge.

After your gums have completely healed, Pennyrile Family Dentistry’s dental team can start the process of fully restoring the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a bridge. This is basically an artificial tooth that mimics the function of your natural teeth. It is fused into a single dental appliance with a hollow crown at each end. It is anchored in place by abutments formed out of the core of the two closest teeth.

Dr. Joseph N. Falco will form the two abutments by removing the enamel layer of each tooth. The abutment left behind is mostly the dentin layer of each tooth surrounding the pulp and root.

A moulding  is them made of the area and the surrounding teeth. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where your final bridge is created.

Temporary crowns made and then secured over each abutment to protect them while you await the finished bridge.

A member of our staff will call you to schedule a brief second appointment when the bridge is ready. Your dentist will remove the temporary crowns and cement your permanent bridge in place over the abutments.

If one of your teeth has been knocked out you should seek immediate treatment by calling Pennyrile Family Dentistry in Hopkinsville, Kentucky at 270-632-6404 for an emergency appointment.