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Your smile will never get better if you don’t give it a chance to. Even with optimum oral hygiene routines, your smile can often be damaged throughout the day due to risk factors in your everyday life. To ensure your smile has the best chance for oral health success, always eliminate or prevent tooth hazards from damaging your teeth and gums.

If you routinely find your teeth at risk of dental damage due to grinding that occurs at night, a night guard or a bite plate will be needed. Similarly, if you’re afraid of getting your teeth knocked out due to oral accidents and injuries associated with blunt trauma, visit your dentist for a customizable mouth guard or go to a local store for a pre-formed mouthguard.

Exercise caution with any products that can chip and crack your teeth. This can include mouth jewelry or hard to chew products such as candy or ice. Due to the risks associated with biting directly into products, never bite directly into hard substances, as they can chip and crack your teeth.

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