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If you deal with bruxism – the technical term for grinding your teeth – then you’re likely looking for a way to mitigate the condition and the effects it has on your teeth and their overall health.

Luckily, we offer some services here at Pennyrile Family Dentistry in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, that’ll help you combat bruxism and save your teeth.

What causes bruxism?

No one really knows the root cause of bruxism, but it’s widely thought that a big cause is daily stress. If you have a highly stressful job, or you don’t manage stress well, it can definitely lead to you grinding teeth during the day or even when you’re asleep.

How do I stop it?

If your bruxism is stress-related, it’s likely Dr. Joseph N. Falco will recommend some form of stress-reduction therapy. This is usually coupled with wearing a mouth guard while sleeping.

A mouth guard may seem cumbersome at first, but it’s one of the best ways to save your teeth. A mold is taken of your teeth while you’re in our office, then a custom mouth guard is built. It takes a few nights to get used to, but once you do it’ll feel natural to wear at night.

Additionally, if you’ve had bruxism for a while and your teeth have damage as a result, you can look at some restorative dentistry options to help your teeth return to their former look, fee, and function.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to let your bruxism linger. It’s damaging to your teeth and overall oral health. If you need help treating it, call us today at 270-632-6404 to schedule an appointment.