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Sleep apnea is a very dangerous condition to live with. If you have sleep apnea, you should know just how important it is for you to seek treatment before it damages your health. A sleep apnea disorder occurs when the air passageways are blocked during your normal breathing cycles when sleeping. In more serious cases of sleep apnea, the brain is unable to send the proper signals your body telling it to breathe. This disorder, also called central sleep apnea, occurs after brain infections, brain tumors, strokes, and heart failure.

Anyone can have sleep apnea disorder. However, sleep apnea is usually found in men who are over forty. There are also some health risks that are good predictors when it comes to having sleep apnea. These risks include: having a deviated septum, genetics, having large tonsils, being overweight, and having allergies or sinus problems. If you have sleep apnea or any of these risk factors, seek treatment immediately.

People who have sleep apnea can develop other varying conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, ADHD, strokes, heart attacks, and in some cases, death can result due to sleep apnea. Seek out treatment option if you or a loved one have a sleep apnea disorder.

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